The fierce fight for the wolverine

One of the fiercest animals in the world, the wolverine, may soon be protected in the United States. Environmentalists have been trying to convince U.S. lawmakers to list the wolverine as Endangered in the U.S. as its frozen habitat is slowly disappearing due to climate change.

The wolverine is a part of the weasel family and lives in cold climates, such as those of Russia and Canada.

Less than 300 wolverines are thought to live in the United States, a number that could decrease if temperatures in the northern U.S. continue to rise.

Wolverines are exceptionally fierce fighters and hunters.  Although they often scavenge for their food, they can hunt animals as big as caribou and can even defend their kill from a bear.

Female wolverines depend on snowy dens at least 5 feet (1.5 meters) deep to nest and raise kits in the early spring.

Wolverine in the snow. Photo by: Bigstock.

Humans are considered to be the wolverine’s top predator.  If lawmakers decide to list the wolverine as endangered, people will no longer be able to trap or hunt the animals.

Building ski resorts, logging, and developing in wolverine territory will not be prohibited by this change, however.

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