About Mongabay

Mongabay is an environmental science and conservation news and information site. Much of Mongabay has operated under a non-profit — Mongabay.org — since 2012.

Founded in 1999 by Rhett A. Butler out of his passion for nature and wildlife, today Mongabay is staffed by a group of committed individuals, supported by a wide range of contributors in more than a dozen countries.

Mongabay staff

Mongabay-Indonesia staff

Contributors and interns

See Mongabay.org for staff bios.

The Mongabay board


  • Dr. Brodie Ferguson (Chairman) is an anthropologist working with indigenous communities in Latin America.
  • Alyson Blume (Secretary) is a social media expert at Trinity Ventures.
  • Dr. Christopher Herndon (Treasurer) is a physician focusing on reproductive health and ethnobotanist.


  • Rhett A. Butler is the founder of Mongabay.com and Mongabay.org.
  • Camille Nava is a former organic food entrepreneur who is involved with various sustainability issues
  • Dr. Marion O’Leary is a recognized authority on the use of isotopes for studies in chemistry and biology.
  • Mark Cappellano is a conservationist and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles.
  • Penn A. Butler is an attorney specializing in Chapter 11 bankruptcy and corporate restructuring
  • Peter Riggs was the founder and director of the Forum on Democracy & Trade before joining the Ford Foundation as a program officer. He is now an advisor at CLUA
  • Susan Sanchez is Director of the Corporate Green Chemistry Program at The Walt Disney Company.
  • Tim Kelly is the former president of the National Geographic Society and current CEO of Steam Engine.
  • Triona Gogarty is a speech-language pathologist and elementary school teacher.

Advisory Board

  • Dr. Peter Raven is a botanist who was formerly the director of the Missouri Botanical Garden.
  • Dr. William F. Laurance is a rainforest ecologist now based at James Cook University in Cairns, Australia
  • Dr. Jane Goodall is a primatologist and conservationist.

Additional information

Please see Mongabay.org for more information about the organization itself, including annual reports and financial filings, like the 990 and IRS Determination Letter.